DENOG eine Struktur geben - warum und welche?

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On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 11:06:21AM +0100, Kai 'wusel' Siering wrote:
> [1] »DENOG ist eine Community für Menschen, die am Internet in
> Deutschland forschen, es betreiben und weiter entwickeln. Im Rahmen
> dieses technischen Forums treffen sich Menschen, die mit, für oder am
> Internet arbeiten und netzwerkspezifische Themen mit gleichgesinnten
> diskutieren, um sie dadurch einfacher lösen zu können.«
> (

To share some information from NLNOG. NLNOG is a "Stichting" - which is
a legal non-profit structure without membership (unlike an e.V.). In the
Netherlands such entities are used to accomplish some kind of goal (read

The NLNOG Foundation has statues which define what is within the scope
of the Foundation's activities.  For those of you who can read Dutch I
invite you to look at the ultra official looking documents here:

Here is a rough translation of Article 2:

    1) The Foundation's purpose is:
        - Increase the quality and security of the Internet and other
          IP-based services;
        - Facilitate the professional Internet community within the
          Netherlands and outside the Netherlands, specifically by
          providing hardware, software and information to internet
          service providers;
        - To create a platform and a network of ICT-professionals;
    2) The Foundation accomplishes these goals with the following
       (amongst other activities):
        - organising congresses and other events;
        - the maintenance and administration of methods of communication
          for the target audience;
        - providing and maintaining ICT-services which are for the
          benefit of the quality and security of the Internet;
    3) The foundation does not persue profit and only serves the greater

What we tried to capture in words the activities which were already
happening within NLNOG: the new years drink, the NLNOG-day and
software/services such as NLNOG RING. 

A *NOG is not a software or hardware company, however in the case where
someone from the community has a good idea and needs a neutral place
(outside his/her employer) to host the deployment of that idea, a *NOG
organisation can be the ideal candidate. There is great value in
releasing online services which are operating under a *NOG's brand
instead of the company which developed it. A solid example of this is: I
encourage all my competitors to use in
their communication with their customers. This would not be possible if
it were branded as an NTT product!

I don't consider NLNOG an organisation for lobbying: it does not have
the mandate to do so by its statues. I also feel it would distract from
the core mission: bring together the operator community and facilitate
them to help each other with knowledge, tools & services. I also fear
that lobby work would discourage the targets of such lobbying to attend
the *NOG event, without a lobbying side the event organisation clearly
has no political agenda and that makes the event and other activities
more inclusive.

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